Room Capacity

To make a reservation:

  • You must be a current UST faculty, staff or student and use your UST e-mail address when submitting your reservation 
  • Reservation can only book for a maximum of two hours per day, but if no one needs Bloomberg, the reservation can be renewed on the spot.
  • If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, we forfeit the reservation for the time slot.
  • You must be current UST faculty, staff or student and have a valid UST ID to enter the computer lab and use Bloomberg
  • You must reply to the confirmation email within 30 minutes of making the reservation
  • Bloomberg is available during the opening hours of Doherty Library Computer Lab in the basement. Whenever the library is closed for holidays, etc, the computer lab will also be closed.
  • Computer Lab hours:

Bloomberg Terminal Capacity: 1

No times available